Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Why did you eliminate the emerging and mid-career categories? Will you still be awarding Fellowships to emerging and mid-career artists?

This change addresses a concern that applicants have been telling us over the years—artists don’t want to be categorized by career level. This was especially true of artists whose professional history doesn’t fit neatly into categories. As a result, we no longer require that artists place themselves into these categories as part of our application process.

What has not changed is the goal of the award. The Fellowship seeks to award outstanding Los Angeles County based visual artists from diverse backgrounds and levels of professional experience. It is meant for artists who have produced work of excellent artistic merit, but have yet to garner a level of acknowledgment and recognition that corresponds to their talent.

The award is not for an established artist who is at a mature stage in his or her career and has created an extensive body of independent work. It is not meant to award an artist that has reached an advanced level of achievement in their artistic discipline. If you are an artist whose work is widely collected and/or your work has reached a significant level of recognition including solo exhibitions at major museums in the United States and abroad, the FVA is not a match for your depth of experience.

Why is the application shorter this year?

We’ve decided to make the application a two-stage process in order to save artist’s time in completing the application. During the first stage, applicants are required to submit an artistic statement, images or video of their work, and a resume/CV only. Jurors will evaluate applicants initially based on the strength and merit of the artist’s work. Top scores from the first round will be invited to complete the full application.

Will you be holding How to Apply workshops?

A recorded webinar will be posted to the FVA website for applicants to learn more about guidelines and eligibility, the Call for Entry website that hosts the application, and best practices for completing the application. We hope this FAQ section addresses the questions that applicants have regarding the process. If you have further questions, you may submit them to Please do not call.


How does CCF define visual arts?

Painting, drawing, photography, printmaking, sculpture, installation, experimental film and video (a), interdisciplinary/mixed media or performance art (b) in which visual art must be a significant and integral component. Artists whose primary practice is performing or media arts (e.g., music, dance, acting, film, video or moving animation) are NOT eligible, and new genres may be deemed ineligible by the panel. If you are unsure that your genre is ineligible, please inquire at

(a) Experimental film and video: Art in motion on a film, video or digital format that transcends aesthetic, formal, ideological and/or narrative norms. The work seeks alternative modes of production or distribution, outside the theatrically commercial approach. Conventional documentary work is not eligible.

(b)Performance Art: An artistic presentation that incorporates the disciplines of music, theater, dance or other performance as a central element for engaging the audience. Performance artwork may be associated with advanced technologies, and more than one medium may be involved in the presentation.

I am currently enrolled in a Master of Fine Arts program but have professionally exhibited for nine years. Am I eligible to apply?

No, students currently enrolled in an arts-related undergraduate/graduate program at the time of application are not eligible.

I am an artist who has lived in Los Angeles County for more than five years but currently live outside of the area (Orange County, Ventura, Inland Empire, etc.). Can I apply?

No, you must be a current full-time resident of Los Angeles County. Full-time residency is defined as physically living in L.A. County for at least 9 months per year of residency.

I have lived in Los Angeles for most of my life, however for the last 6 months, I lived outside of L.A. County. Can I apply?

No, you must have been a full-time resident of L.A. County for the last 5 consecutive years (depending on whether you are applying for emerging or mid-career). Full-time residency is defined as physically living in L.A. County for at least 9 months per year of residency.

Is there a limit to how many times I can apply for a fellowship?

You may apply every year (once a year) . Previous FVA recipients are not eligible to apply.

Group Submission

I am an individual artist but have worked with an artistic team (or collaborative) for the past 10 years. All of my work samples reflect my team (collaborative). Should I apply as an individual or as a team?

The Fellowship for Visual Artists is for individual artists. An individual artist who is part of the team (collaborative) is eligible to apply. However, recognition and the award (financial and professional development) will be given to the individual artist who receives the award.

About CaFÉ™

What is CaFÉ™?

CaFÉ™ is a web-based service that allows organizations and administrators to easily and cost effectively manage artist application and jury processes related to calls for entry. The service is especially designed for use with public art projects, artist fellowships and juried visual-arts competitions.

Is there a fee for either the CaFÉ™ application service or the Fellowship for Visual Artists?

No, both the registration and hosting of images on the CaFÉ™ website are free. There is no application fee to apply to the fellowship.

Is it mandatory to use CaFÉ™ to apply?

Yes, only applications submitted via the CaFÉ™ application service will be accepted.

Work Samples

Does CaFÉ™ have image specifications for the work samples?

Yes, please read CaFE’s Image Preparation page.

Can I include multiple images in one image to show different perspectives around a body of work?

Yes, you are allowed to combine multiple images into one image. This will count as one image.

I noticed that in CaFE, I have to include a price/value for each image? Is this necessary and does it impact my application?

This is a requirement of CaFE and not of CCF. The price/value of your work does not impact your application.

Can I submit both images and a video?

No, you must either submit up to six (6) images or one (1) video (not to exceed 5 minutes). You cannot submit both. Applicants who submit both forms of work will be automatically disqualified.

The application states that multimedia artists can submit a video featuring a segment or sample of work that is less than five minutes. Can this be a montage of different projects or should it be of one single work?

 It can be both. You can provide a single five-minute sample or multiple samples that add up to a total of five minutes, however panelists find it most helpful to assess artistic quality when they can see fewer pieces in more depth rather than a quick and flashy montage.

Can I view applications of past fellows?

 No, CCF does not share past applications, however you can view FVA recipients’ work on the CCF Artist Gallery.

Can I have someone at the Foundation or one of the panelists review my application before I submit it?

 Unfortunately CCF is unable to provide feedback regarding applications for the fellowships due to the volume of applications submitted each year.

There was a special circumstance that prevented me from submitting my application on time. Can I submit a late application?

 CCF does NOT accept late applications regardless of circumstances. There are NO exceptions.

Selection Process

Can we find out who the panelists are before the public announcement?

No, the panel changes each year and the list is kept confidential until the public announcement.

How do the panelists assess an application?

The first round of scoring is based specifically on artistic merit through the artistic work samples (images/video) and the artist statements. A selected subset then go on to the second round where a full application will be assessed.


When will awards be announced?

Applicants will be notified of the award determination via CaFÉ™ by early December.

If I receive a fellowship, are there restrictions on how it must be used?

There are no restrictions. Fellows can use the funds however they see fit. Recipients are required to attend professional development convenings including an announcement reception. Those dates will be shared and finalized in the future.

If I receive a fellowship, how soon can I receive the funds?

 First installment will be distributed December 2016.  Fellows have the option of receiving the funds in 2 or 3 installments.


Is there other important information I should know?

Please submit your application as early as possible to avoid mistakes and web traffic. You can contact us during office hours for any assistance regarding your application. Please note that on the day of our deadline, June 30, our office will close at 5 pm as usual and we will therefore be unable to provide assistance after this time.

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