About the Fellowships for Visual Artists

Los Angeles is a place where cultures converge to create a unique mélange of originality, diversity, synchronicity and dissonance.  In L.A., we value and support a wide array of artistic endeavors.

California Community Foundation has been an intrinsic part of L.A. as a strong advocate for the arts for more than 100 years, encouraging and supporting the arts community by funding and nurturing a full range of artistic expression through grants and technical support.

The CCF Fellowship for Visual Artists is unique to Los Angeles, supporting local emerging and mid-career artists in advancing to the next level of professional development and ensuring a long-term, sustainable career in the arts in Los Angeles.

Since 1988, CCF has awarded fellowships to 274 professional artists, for total grants of nearly $2.5 million.

“Comparing my production from the year I was awarded the grant to the year prior, I as able to make more than twice as much work, be included in more than twice as many shows, and participate on panels and selective talks at various art schools and colleges.  More importantly, I was able to have sometime to look forward as well as back – to evaluate my studio practice that has led me to new directions and approaches to my work, my teaching, my involvement in the city and community.”

– 2007 Mid-Career Fellow

CCF fellows engage with the public, effect change through their art and add to the culture and diversity of L.A.  County.  They also contribute to the foundation’s mission of strengthening communities and building a better future for L.A.

The fellowship was created in 1988 with an initial investment from the J. Paul Getty Trust and subsequent gifts from the Brody Arts Fund, the Atlass Fund, the Joan Palevsky Endowment for the Future of Los Angeles, the T.M. and R.W. Brown Fund, the Harry J. Volk Fund and other CCF funds.

Together, we support the history and future of arts in L.A..

List of Supported Artists

Sandeep Mukherjee
Mid-Career Artist Fellow, 2009


Contact Program Manager Andrea Abeleda at (213) 413-4130 to discuss how you can support the arts, or to learn more about this program.

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