Opening Messages

As a board member, donor and fellow Angeleno, I see the California Community Foundation from a variety of perspectives. I see vividly how and why it continues to be successful in today’s Los Angeles — inspired leadership, skilled staff, purposeful programs, wise investment policies and transparent practices.

A community foundation is a public institution designed to serve the needs of its constituents. In some cases this means providing financial support, while in others, facilitating dialogue between interested parties. As you read this annual report, I hope you will consider becoming more involved in our community and allowing us to help facilitate your philanthropy.

Together, we can ensure that CCF continues to be a responsive foundation for all of L.A. County.

Sheldon Stone, Board Chair

This was a year of needs in Los Angeles, for households, communities and organizations from the inner city to the suburbs of the county. I am extremely proud of the resiliency and optimism our communities showed, and gratified that when a community had a need, CCF was able to provide support in some encouraging ways.

It was not easy. This was, in fact, a very difficult year for us as well. Contributions were down from previous years, and our discretionary grantmaking would have also suffered had it not been for a reduction in our expenses and our Board of Directors’ commitment to maintaining our grantmaking.

More than ever, we relied on core principles to keep our commitments while pursuing our goals: Focus on efficiency. Leverage assets. Partner for impact.

And more than anything, generous donors — past, present and future — made it possible. The assets they entrust with us allow CCF to continue to address L.A.’s greatest needs, in good times or in bad.

For this, we are grateful.

Antonia Hernández, President & CEO

This is a report of the California Community Foundation’s activities and operations from July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2011.