CCF Fellowship for Visual Artists

Fellowship for Visual Artists

The CCF Fellowship for Visual Artists is celebrating 28 years of playing an active role in supporting local visual artists in Los Angeles.

Read testimonies from some of the artists we have supported over the years here.

Los Angeles County is rich with creativity. We are a community where cultures converge to create a beautiful mélange of originality, diversity, synchronicity and dissonance. This energy has helped establish L.A. as a world-class art capital and a place where we proudly practice, support and value a wide array of artistic endeavors.

The CCF Fellowship for Visual Artists is just one of many ways that the California Community Foundation supports the arts by supporting those responsible for its very creation – artists.

The Fellowship brings together artists, arts patrons, and the community, creating a mutually beneficial program that has supported 274 artists over the last 28 years. We invite you to get involved and celebrate an artist today.

Together, we help L.A. artists thrive.